Lorets Pesto Range

Sundried Tomato & Fresh Herbs


Lovely on Pizza or stirred into Pasta.

Roasted Walnut Basil


Roasted Red Pepper


Spread thickly on inside of Large brown mushrooms and bake in oven.

Spread under skin of chicken and bake in oven.

Mix into couscous salad.

Lovely on baked potato.

Stir into stirfried Vegetables

Red Onion Cranberry & Pinotage

Lovely with Hamburgers or Roast Lamb.

Lovely to make a Marinade or Glaze for Roast leg of LAMB

Olive & Caper


Olive Almond & Feta


Stir into Rissotto.

Mix with Olive oil and stir into Pasta or delicious on crackers aand toast.

Lemon Rosemary & Feta & Almond

Put one Tablespoon over Baby potatoes, cauliflower or even a Baked Potato.

Spread thickly over raw fish fold into foil parcel and bake in oven.

Stir into Seafood Paella.

Spread on wrap add sliced lamb with cucumber and lettuce. Fold and enjoy.

Curry Fruit Relish

Take a large tablespoon of relish with half a cup of mayonaise and stir into Pasta for salad.

Spread on a roll and place Boerewors on the roll and enjoy.

Basil Parmesan & Pine-nuts


Lovely on Pasta.

Roll out Puff Pastry spread on thickly , roll up cut into slices and bake in oven.

Porcini Mushrooms, Cashews, Parmesan & Truffle Oil

Take one and a half cup cream. Reduce slowly and let thicken then add Large Tablespoon of pesto.

Heat through and pour over Pasta or Crumbed chicken or beef fillet.